A new world of mobile messaging and apps

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Cloudbanter’s innovative monetization of mobile messaging and apps technology addresses the challenges faced by mobile operators, advertisers, users and app providers in a mobile, data-driven world.

Mobile Operators rejoice


Cloudbanter breathes new life into mobile messaging and apps, enabling mobile operators to monetize users and provide complimentary OTT services.

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True value to millions of users

Mobile users are more demanding than ever, looking for new ways of interacting with friends, family and colleagues, while keeping costs low. Cloudbanter provides incentives and subsidies whilst providing access to lifestyle brands and promotions via digital advert content.

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Millions of untapped screens


Cloudbanter provides advertisers with a new and unique way to access their mobile audiences. Our technology puts the power of improved campaign conversion and return on marketing investment at your fingertips.

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Monetized mobile apps


Our technology enables mobile operators, app providers and advertisers to deliver targeted advertising content via mobile user apps including customer care, money, internet TV, IoT and lifestyle.

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Welcome to a new world of mobile messaging and apps. Cloudbanter is breathing new life into mobile messaging and apps, and enabling advertisers to reach a more targeted and relevant audience than ever before. We provide monetized and personalized mobile messaging within SMS, IM Chat and Voice plus monetization of Customer Care, Money, Internet TV and IoT apps, driven by mobile users profile and preferences, creating a richer experience while enabling advertisers to position their lifestyle brands and promotions in a highly effective way.

The Cloudbanter Messaging and Monetization System includes artificial intelligence, smart digital media, social media, Big Data analytics and GSMA RCS capabilities.