Company Overview

shutterstock_155527976-smCloudbanter is a group of very committed people with a big overarching goal. The democratization of mobile technology. To us this means making it more affordable. And more affordable means that more people in the world can use it. And when they do, they share thoughts and ideas. Hopes and dreams. It makes the world smaller. And better.

We are doing this via mobile messaging. We have figured out a way to include advertising into the SMS, instant messaging and voice messaging software on the user’s device, generating little or no extra messaging or data traffic in the process. It allows advertisements to help pay for services, and that means it costs less to users.

It also means that Mobile Operators have a new weapon in their arsenal. A way to keep more mobile services under their control. Keep their average revenue per user (ARPU) up. We’re very operator friendly.

We’ve got more big ideas. How to leverage our technology and intellectual property to do more great things. Help more people get access to technology. Interested in helping? Interested in joining us? Drop us a line.






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