Frequently Asked Questions & Support

We feel that Cloudbanter Messaging is extremely intuitive and self-explanatory, but you may have some questions, hopefully we’ve thought of everything in the list below. If not, please complete the Support Request Form at the bottom of the page.

Why is my mobile operator giving me this app?

Your mobile operator wants to offer you a valuable, money-saving way to message. The Cloudbanter Messaging app allows your mobile operator to offer you a very attractive tariff, plan or upgrade incentive, which helps keep your mobile costs down. They like having you as a customer, and are working hard to find ways to save you money and receive additional value.

Will this cost me more?

No! In fact your mobile network provider has worked to create a very attractive tariff, plan or upgrade for you while you use the Cloudbanter Message App for texting.

Will it use up my SMS allowance?

No! We have worked with your mobile network provider to make sure that the Cloudbanter Messaging App does not use any SMS from your monthly limits for texting. Promise!

What phone do I need?

We are working hard to support a wide range of devices and operating systems. At the moment, only Android based devices are supported. The minimum Android OS version is 4.4 (KitKat) and upwards. If any device does not work we would love to hear what phones people are using so please report via the Support Request Form below.

What versions of Android does it support?

As noted above, the minimum version of Android OS is 4.4, which is often called KitKat. We support all newer versions. Due to limitations in older versions of Android, it is unlikely we will support these.

Who do I contact if I have installation problems?

We’re sorry to hear this. We work hard on making the installation as foolproof as possible, but it is may be possible that you may encounter some issues. First try and un-install the app, then reboot your phone. Try the install again, and if it fails once more please report via the Support Request Form below.

Cloudbanter stops being the default messaging app?

In some circumstances when there are multiple network changes and use of Airplane mode, such as foreign travel, the Cloudbanter app may stop being the default messaging app. If simple use and selection of OK on the prompt to set Cloudbanter as the default messaging app doesn’t work, please follow the steps below:

– Go to Settings, Applications, Default applications and select Cloudbanter as the default messaging app
– Reboot/Restart

If this doesn’t work, please submit a support request below.

I cannot send MMS messages?

If you cannot send MMS messages then check your network provider for the MMS settings for your phone.

If this doesn’t work, please submit a support request below.

I love it, how do I tell my friends?

We’re happy to hear that! Click on the social icons at the bottom of the page to share your love with your contacts.

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