Cloudbanter Messages App

The Cloudbanter vision and strategy is to monetize and personalize mobile messaging (SMS, IM Chat and Voice), apps and phones to challenge, transform and disrupt to create additional revenue, rewards and lifestyle to benefit Mobile Users and Mobile Operators plus increased relevancy and targeting for Advertisers.

The Cloudbanter Messages App is a carrier class, end-to-end monetization and personalization solution for mobile messaging, apps and phones. Offering highly sophisticated advertisement delivery and display directly within the messaging screen, Cloudbanter Messages provides an innovative way for mobile operators, app/vertical providers and OEM/manufacturers to drive significant new revenue streams, for advertisers to take advantage of previously untapped screens and for mobile users to gain rewards and get access to advertising content they want and have opted into.


The Messages app provides an ongoing user incentive via the ability to earn points which can be redeemed for cashback, SMS, airtime, data allowances and other offers & promotions. Cloudbanter Messages helps mobile users save money, keep mobile costs down and enhance their lifestyles with engaging and valuable adverts and content. Points are automatically collected every time the Messages app is used and can be viewed within My Rewards in the menu.

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