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The Cloudbanter Messaging System is a carrier class, end-to-end messaging solution for SMS, Instant Messaging and Voice. It is designed from the ground up to be centered on the needs of the mobile operators. This means that as a partner we are frugal with its scarce over the air resources, helps keep its customers its customers, and helps defend its rightful place in the mobile eco-system.

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Our primary focus is delivering innovation in messaging systems. We feel this is vitally important today as mobile messaging is under siege. Hybrid solutions like Skype™ and SMS imitators like WhatsApp™ are using the mobile operator’s very resources against them to pry away customer attention, as well as a big part of their revenue.

It’s time to fight back.

The Cloudbanter Messaging Solution is designed to help in the fight. It uses some of the same ‘tricks’ the OTT players use to level the playing field; indeed tip it back in the operator’s favor. By introducing a very sophisticated advertising delivery and display model, it brings additional revenue into the business model that the operator can use to re-work the messaging business model to their advantage.

Via innovative and patent-pending techniques, it does this in a way which critically generates little or NO additional messaging or data traffic, and amazingly no data traffic if required.

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