Cloudbanter AI Monetization and Personalization Platform

The Cloudbanter vision and strategy to provide monetization and personalization of mobile messaging (SMS, IM Chat and Voice), apps and phones powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, to challenge, transform and disrupt to create additional revenue, incentives & rewards and lifestyle to benefit Mobile Users and Mobile Operators plus increased relevancy and targeting for Advertisers.

The Cloudbanter AI Monetization and Personalization Platform is a carrier class and end-to-end solution for mobile operators. It is designed around the needs of mobile operators, advertisers, app/vertical providers and OEM/manufacturers, enabling them to monetize messaging, any apps (including Customer Care, Money, Internet TV, IoT, etc) and phones. We believe it’s time for mobile providers to find more effective ways of monetizing their services and Cloudbanter offers the technology for them to do so.

Our primary focus is delivering innovation into messaging, apps and phones. Cloudbanter offers a very sophisticated advertising delivery and display model, bringing additional revenue into business models so mobile operators and app/vertical providers can start taking back the upper hand when it comes to messaging and apps systems. Considering the vast amounts of untapped data and customer insight that mobile operators have access to, we think Cloudbanter presents a significant opportunity to mobile operators, advertisers, apps/vertical providers, OEM/manufacturers and mobile users alike via innovative and patent-pending techniques, plus data which can be zero rated.

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