Cloudbanter AI Monetization SDK Toolkit

The Cloudbanter vision and strategy to provide monetization and personalization mobile messaging (SMS, IM Chat and Voice), apps and phones powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, to challenge, transform and disrupt to create additional revenue, rewards and lifestyle to benefit Mobile Users and Mobile Operators plus increased relevancy and targeting for Advertisers.

The Cloudbanter AI Monetization SDK Toolkit and API’s are available to app providers looking to monetize their apps. It operates on the mobile phone and manages the receipt and display of adverts and content, as well as recording user interaction with the adverts and content for billing, activities and fulfilment purposes. Advert content appear on a rotating fixed banner located at the bottom of the client screen on the mobile phone and is displayed based upon the user profile and preferences.

The Ad Blender obtains adverts and content from the Ad Exchanges/Ad Networks, Ad Console and Advertisers, and sends the adverts and content that match the user profile and preferences to be displayed on the user’s mobile phone. It is the core technology of the platform. It also sends selected pre-determined contextual keyword personalized adverts and content to the user’s phone and communicates via a standard data interface using an internet data connection for adverts and content.

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