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Monetizing SMS….. Why has no one done this before? At the heart of the question is the issue of delivery. Advertisements have to be delivered to the device, using an existing, ubiquitous mechanism supported by all devices. In particular for a method designed to be accepted by mobile operators, the technique must not create an additional burden on network resources. At the heart of the Cloudbanter solution is our technology that has been designed and developed for getting advertisements to the device with little or no SMS overhead, and no mobile data. To manage this, we created an innovative, patented solution. By managing an end to end solution, we can ‘hide’ data inside ordinary SMS traffic.  Our technology treats SMS traffic as the conduit in a data delivery channel, and we handle all of the issues regarding missing messages and out of order delivery.


To deliver on this, Cloudbanter had to create technology on both sides of the SMS over-the-air link. On the device side, we update the SMS client with Cloudbanter provided messaging software that mimics the default functionality, plus manages the advertisements. On the server side, our technology works alongside the operator SMSC to blend advertisements and control data into the SMS stream. For more detailed information, be sure to read the following sections on both the messaging software, as well as the Ad Blender.









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