End to end solution

Monetizing messaging and apps…..let’s take a different approach. At the heart of the monetization problem is the issue of delivery. Advertisements have to be delivered to the device, using an existing, ubiquitous mechanism supported by all devices. In particular for a method designed to be accepted by mobile operators, the technique must not create an additional burden on network resources.

Cloudbanter has been designed and developed so advertisements are delivered to the device. Our innovative, patented solution can ‘hide’ data inside ordinary messaging and app traffic.  We treat the messaging and app traffic as the conduit in a data delivery channel, and we handle all of the issues regarding missing messages and app communications out of order delivery.

On the device side, we update the client with Cloudbanter providing messaging and app software that mimics the default functionality, plus manages the advertisements. On the server side, our technology works alongside the mobile operator network to blend advertisements and control data into the messaging and app stream.

The other side of Cloudbanter’s Messaging and Monetization System is a carrier-class component we call the Cloudbanter Ad Blender. Implemented in the carrier’s messaging network, the Ad Blender is responsible for injecting the Cloudbanter traffic including advertisment and channel control data into the message stream. Treating the stream as a data channel, the Ad Blender and client form an end-to-end messaging system inside a messaging system. This revolutionary, patent pending system is at the core of our technology.

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