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Our novel approach replaces the standard messaging client on the device with a Cloudbanter developed one. This client provides the user same if not more functionality as the original, but has been extended to also:

  • Manage Cloudbanter traffic embedded in the messaging channel
  • Display, manage, and respond to Cloudbanter ads placed for viewing by the user

One of the key issues when designing the User Interface of the Cloudbanter client was to ensure that the placed advertisements were prominent and visible, but did not interfere with the texting. Texting has changed greatly over the years. Once a way to exchange a short message at low cost, messaging has become the way a whole generation of mobile phone users hold conversations. Any new advertising model would have to take that into account. So we modeled and studied users. And learned how they texted and why. And we learned that we could not simply dump advertisements on the screen and make them take action. And just as importantly, we could not make them interrupt their texting, even if they were very interested in a particular advertisement. So we designed a system that took these issues into account.


The result? A mobile messaging client that artfully blends advertisements into a fully featured messaging experience. Advertisements appear and rotate subtly without interfering with the user’s messaging experience. Once an interesting advertisement is selected, the user has the choice to view it immediately, or defer viewing to a break in the action.

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