Monetize mobile apps – Cloudbanter for app/vertical providers

Cloudbanter offers a unique way for app/vertical providers to monetize and personalize mobile apps

We all know the majority of paid-for apps fail to attract enough users to drive a profit. But in today’s competitive market, apps must be designed to drive revenue, whether that be from in-app purchases or tempting existing users onto paid-for, premium services. Cloudbanter offers a way for app/vertical providers to insert targeted and non-disruptive advertising content into the user’s app experience. Based on their profile and preferences, our technology monetizes apps so users can continue to enjoy free use as well as having relevant, lifestyle content delivered directly to their mobile screen.    

Cloudbanter offers a unique way for mobile app/vertical providers to drive revenue and monetize the app experience

An effective monetization strategy to drive revenue from your app

App providers using Cloudbanter have access to our AI monetization SDK toolkit which can be used on any mobile app. This includes our Ad Blender, utilising adverts and content from Ad console and Ad Exchanges/Ad Networks, the app/vertical provider console for control, tracking and reporting, zero rate data, Big Data analytics, A2P, SMS aggregators and mobile operator apps including customer care, internet TV, mobile money, IoT and others, and powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

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