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The world of the mobile network operator has never been in as much turmoil as it finds itself today. New pressures come from all sides. For years, operators could count on Short Message Service (SMS) bringing home consistent profits from what was a valuable end-user service that cost little to provide.


But now the world has changed. Along with the omnipresent danger of being relegated to a mere bit-pipe, a new breed of player threatens one of the bedrock pillars of mobile operator profitability. New, IP-based Over-The-Top (OTT) messaging services like WhatsApp™ threaten to destroy SMS revenues, and along with it, customer allegiances. Perversely, these services manage to turn the mobile operator’s own data services against them, using them in a large-scale effort to offer Mobile Messaging for free or for very low cost to the end user. The damage is three-fold:

  • Lost SMS revenue
  • Any revenue from the new service goes to a 3rd party player
  • The mobile operator’s valued customer now feels more allegiance to the OTT player!

The mobile world is ready for a solution that brings relevance and profitability back to mobile messaging, while holding the OTT threat at bay.

 Cloudbanter is that solution.

Cloudbanter achieves this by creating a novel end-end solution for subsidized messaging. By taking advantage of an end-to-end solution, we can deliver and control advertisements on the mobile device while generating little or NO additional messaging or data traffic.

The positive effects are manifold.

  • Lower potential cost to the end user (lower churn)
  • Additional revenue into the offering (higher ARPU)
  • Offering monetized SMS, Instant Messaging and Voice (control and user experience)

Be sure to look into our other value propositions as well as the product details.

We stand ready to be your key partner in mobile messaging. Get in contact with us or reach out to one of our offices. The time to act is now.


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