Monetize and personalize mobile messaging, apps and phones – Cloudbanter for mobile operators

Enter a new world of AI monetization and personalization

Mobile operators are facing a major challenge when it comes to driving revenue, winning back customer loyalty and decreasing churn rate. In a mobile, data-driven world, the need to monetize and personalize mobile messaging, apps and phones is greater than ever with mobile operators facing increasing competition and disruption from all sides. There is now a huge opportunity for mobile operators to leverage their position with customers via monetized and personalized messaging, apps (including Customer Care, Money, Internet TV, IoT, etc) and phones powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Progressive and innovative mobile operators are seeking out solutions to monetization, which add real value to aspirational and cost sensitive customers.

The mobile world is ready for a solution that brings relevance and profitability back to mobile messaging, apps and phones

Cloudbanter is that solution

Our technology presents a unique opportunity to mobile operators. We’ve created a unique, end-to-end solution allowing operators to combine significant user revenue with the ability to offer incentives and subsidized usage. By delivering controlled, targeted and lifestyle enhancing digital advert content to mobile users via their messaging, apps and phones, the positive effects are manifold.

Lower potential cost to end user (lower churn rate) and additional revenue into the offering (higher ARPU) by monetized SMS, IM Chat and Voice (control and user experience) represents increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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