Monetize mobile devices and handsets – Cloudbanter for OEM/manufacturers

A new way for OEMs/manufacturers to differentiate their product and drive new revenue streams

In a crowded mobile marketplace, getting your handset or device to stand out isn’t easy. Cloudbanter’s innovative technology offers OEM/manufacturers a point of difference – the opportunity to provide monetized and personalized mobile messaging, apps and phones to distribution channels, mobile operators and mobile users, and create additional revenue streams. Cloudbanter can monetize mobile messaging (SMS, IM, Chat and Voice), Apps (Internet TV, Customer Care, Money, IoT, etc) and new and existing phones via an end-to-end solution with sophisticated and scalable client and cloud/server patented technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Make your mobile handset or device stand out and create new revenue streams with Cloudbanter’s monetization and personalization technology

How does it work?

How do we help OEMs/manufacturers enhance their offering to the market? By inserting advertisements in the form of a fixed and unobtrusive banner at the bottom of the handset’s default messages or phone screen – it’s that simple. Mobile users opt-in to the mobile content they want to see, and Cloudbanter delivers adverts that are personalized, real-time, preferential, contextual, location and lifestyle-based based upon the user profile & preferences. In return for accepting adverts, users accumulate points using Cloudbanter’s user incentive points rewards scheme – or My Rewards – which can be redeemed for cashback, SMS, airtime, data allowances, as well as other offers and promotions they are interested in.

By implementing Cloudbanter technology the OEM/manufacturer receives additional revenue from a revenue share model. Get in touch with us today to find out how our technology could transform your business model and product.

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