Optimize mobile advertising – Cloudbanter for mobile advertisers

Deliver digital, lifestyle-enhancing content via advanced AI monetization and personalization of messaging, apps and phones

In today’s environment, the most effective advertising campaigns are data-driven and highly targeted; delivering valuable, lifestyle-enhancing, digital content directly to the user’s mobile device. Data-driven and programmatic advertising has taken precedence as advertisers strive to identify more targeted groups of consumers and boost their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Mobile takes a larger proportion of total advertising spend every year and in an increasingly mobile world it’s easy to see why. It’s vital that advertisers are continually looking for new ways to access the mobile generation, tapping into new screens and opportunities so they are optimising their mobile advertising budgets.

Mobile operators with mobile messaging, apps and phones represent a unique opportunity to organizations looking for more targeted ways to reach mobile screens – a rich source of data ready to be discovered by advertisers

The Cloudbanter AI Monetization and Personalization Platform

The Cloudbanter solution provides advertisers with millions of new targets, many of whom are underserved by the current reach of mobile marketing. By delivering digital advert content directly into users mobile messaging, apps and phones, but without the use of mobile data, we provide access where others cannot plus powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

But our story is not just about screens. It is about the tools that allow detailed access to data that will help create personalized, targeted campaigns. Cloudbanter enables advertisers to position their brands in a highly targeted and relevant way to maximise ROMI. Get in touch with us today and find out more.

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