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The traditional model for end-user mobile services has always been very simple. Operator supplies, user pays. While relevant and viable for many years, the simplicity of the model has allowed new players with new models to slip into the mobile landscape. In particular, advertisement based models have allowed OTT players like WhatsApp ™ and Skype ™ to steal valuable customer mindshare (and revenue!) from the mobile operators. To add insult to injury, they use mobile data services provided by the operator and paid for by the user, to deliver their ‘free’ services.














Cloudbanter provides a way to curb this. By providing an advertiser supported model that consumes a marginal amount of additional messaging, it can be offered to the most cost sensitive of consumers, on the lowest level of mobile plans.

This is particularly important as the mobile networks of the world expand into new, emerging, and aspirational user markets. These markets, while very large in terms of actual numbers of users, are often at the lower ends of economic scale and are very price sensitive.

These users are highly attuned to ‘free’ or low cost services that take advantage of free or already paid for services. It is no wonder that WhatsApp™ has become so popular in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern European markets.

Cloudbanter is ready to join forces with mobile operators to greatly widen the appeal of their mobile messaging offerings. By adding the Cloudbanter Messaging System to their infrastructure, we will work together to recapture the imagination and mind-set of the youngest and most dynamic users. The effect throughout the network will be lasting and profound.

Be sure to look into our other value propositions as well as the product details.

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