Creating a better future with the democratization of mobile

The MWC theme – Creating a Better Future – resonates deeply with the Cloudbanter team because our technology holds the potential to open up the latest mobile innovations to a global audience. We believe the democratization of technology is key to creating a better, more connected, more equal, global future for all.

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Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2018

Creating a better future through enhanced monetized messaging, apps and phones. Cloudbanter Messages offers mobile operators the opportunity to monetize users and gain revenues, while mobile users can earn rewards from the user incentive points based scheme.

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Cloudbanter to speak at IMS World Forum 2018

We are delighted to announce that Cloudbanter will be speaking at IMS World Forum, taking place on 25-26 April in London. Chief Commercial Officer John Stuart will be speaking about the monetization and personalization of messaging, apps and phones

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Cloudbanter CEO Graham Williams on why mobile operators need to take back control

According to a recent report by eMarketer, spending on paid media will increase by 7% globally in 2017, taking it to a grand total of $584.14 billion. The report goes on to say that investment in mobile advertising has been the main driver of this increase, making up 24.4% of total advertising expenditure this year. In an increasingly mobile and digital world, it is not difficult to see why mobile continues to take a bigger slice of the advertising pie each year.

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Meet Cloudbanter at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017

What does the future hold for mobile messaging and monetization? Cloudbanter’s Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Clay Babcock will be at MWC Americas 2017 to discuss the future of mobile messaging and monetization including how mobile operators can monetize their users to create additional revenue streams, breathe new life into messaging plus the current opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of millions of untapped screens globally.

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