Just one day to go until global mobile technology provider Cloudbanter appears at IMS World Forum 2018, taking place on 25 and 26 April at the Amba Hotel in Marble Arch, London.

John Stuart, Cloudbanter’s Chief Commercial Officer, will be discussing the opportunity for mobile operators, app/vertical providers, OEM/manufacturers and advertisers to drive additional revenue and enhance the experience they can offer mobile users and customers globally. Cloudbanter is also one of the event’s esteemed sponsors in 2018 and is looking forward to sharing it’s expertise on the future of mobile monetization and personalization.

Cloudbanter Messages app enables users to opt-in to fixed banner advertisements at the bottom of their screen which are personalized, unobtrusive, real-time, preferential, contextual, location and lifestyle-based. Also, the Cloudbanter Monetization SDK Toolkit can be used for other apps and services including Internet TV, Customer Care, Money and IoT, helping mobile operators to monetize these services more effectively and the user to enhance their mobile experience via profile-based adverts.

Additionally, in 2018, Cloudbanter launched its ongoing user incentive points rewards scheme allowing mobile users to monetize their relationship with mobile operators, app/vertical providers, OEM/manufacturers and advertisers by receiving usage points which can then be redeemed against rewards including cashback, SMS, airtime and data allowances, plus other offers and promotions. In light of recent high profile data breaches and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), mobile users are more aware than ever before about the value of their data – Cloudbanter provides an opportunity to increase loyalty, trust and drive increased revenue for providers.

“We are looking forward to this week’s event and very pleased to be supporting it this year,” says John. “The need to fully monetize and personalize mobile messaging, apps and phones is more acute than ever; our technology offers an exciting and unique opportunity to break from the traditional model and maximise the opportunity to deliver highly targeted and relevant advertising content while simultaneously enhancing and cementing that relationship with the customer.

“Savvy consumers are now more aware of the value of their user data and will, undoubtedly, become even more demanding towards mobile operators when it comes to obtaining user incentives and discounts,” John continues. “Cloudbanter’s technology provides a solution to the predicament in which mobile operators find themselves in, trying to enhance service delivery against a backdrop of falling customer revenues, increased churn rate and depleted loyalty.”

IMS World Forum is the world’s only dedicated IMS event. It will cover a range of themes including the operator experience with integration, life-cycle and upgrades; vIMS including delivery and architectural implications; commercialisation of current service capabilities and innovation and IMS network slicing in the lead up to 5G.


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