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Cloudbanter provides collaboration and communications for messaging, web, apps, mobiles and TVs for end users, mobile operators, retailers, brands, businesses and advertisers/agencies using our innovative, sophisticated, scalable and patented technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Cloudbanter provides end users an ongoing user incentive points rewards scheme which allows end users to earn points from usage then redeem points for rewards of cashback, mobile allowances, products, services and brand offers including increased relevancy and targeting for advertisers/agencies.

  • Cloudbanter represents a tremendous business opportunity to maximize and create sales and new revenue streams for mobile operators, retailers, brands and businesses plus new advertising market reach of adverts and content opportunities for advertisers & agencies.
  • Cloudbanter dynamically inserts a fixed and rotating banner for advertising content that is personalized, unobtrusive, real-time, preferential, opt-in privacy, contextual, location and lifestyle focused based upon user profile & preferences powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.
  • Cloudbanter increases customer loyalty and satisfaction plus increases revenue per user by using revenue share, subscription fee (SaaS) or license fee business model options.
  • Cloudbanter drives user engagements for advertisers & agencies with high value and quality adverts & content clicks and impressions that are relevant, targeted and personalized for end users.
  • Cloudbanter provides campaign management and “Big Data” with multi-channel analytics.

Cloudbanter offers world-class customer support and a network of partners to ensure that mobile operators, retailers, brands, businesses and advertisers/agencies get the right solution for their specific local market needs. At Cloudbanter, success is priority number one, and our partner program is key in helping us meet and exceed the unique needs of these companies.

Cloudbanter strives to establish and develop new and existing partnerships globally with providers in the following areas:

Mobile Operators, Retailers, Brands and Businesses

We have a combined B2B2 and B2C go to market model and partners with retailers, brands, businesses, app/vertical providers and advertisers/agencies to use the Cloudbanter technology to promote and deploy to their mobile users using revenue share, usage fee (SaaS) or license fee business models.

Advertisers & Agencies

We work with leading global and local ad networks/ad exchanges plus advertisers & agencies to help expand their reach to deliver the best results and focused on their client’s brand value by targeting users with advertising content that are relevant and personalized.

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VARs & Resellers

We are seeking strategic VAR and Reseller partners in geographies globally who have experience of selling, implementing and supporting Cloudbanter AI Monetization and Personalization of messages, web, apps, mobiles and TVs solutions. VAR and Reseller partners have the opportunity to build a very profitable extension to their business which includes a percentage of the revenue model used.

Implementation & Consulting Services

To drive and support our clients’ success, we strive to build collaborative relationships with system integrators, consulting firms and consultants so that together we can deliver the diverse requirements of today’s end users, mobile operators, retailers, brands, businesses and advertisers & agencies and their integration, expansion and education needs.


To enable our clients to take their sales and marketing campaigns to the next level more quickly and with greater ease than ever, Cloudbanter partners with leading technology providers in many areas, including hosting platforms, CRM, analytics, automation, development, hosting and others.


We collaborate with an extensive network of complementary service providers and industry experts to refer new clients and mutually grow business.

Why partner with Cloudbanter?

Cloudbanter works with the leading mobile operators, retailers, brands, businesses and advertisers & agencies across the globe. Cloudbanter’s partner program uniquely creates more ROI by providing tremendous value, allowing our partners the flexibility to grow their business accordingly.

The many benefits across our partnership options include:

  • Access to extensive resources through the partner program
  • Joint marketing activities including: industry events, webinars, press releases, customer success stories, sales materials, and promotional campaigns
  • Listing on the partner network and within our internal sales and resources library
  • Identification of mutual growth opportunities and referral revenue
  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunities
  • Dedicated partner support team

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