We are delighted to announce that Cloudbanter will be speaking at IMS World Forum, taking place on 25-26 April in London. Chief Commercial Officer John Stuart will be speaking about the monetization and personalization of messaging, apps and phones, as well as the opportunity for mobile operators and global brands to engage mobile users via a points-based, user incentive scheme which will reward them for the mobile advertising they consume based on their profile and preferences.

IMS World Forum is the world’s only dedicated IMS event. It is being held at the Amba Hotel in Marble Arch and will cover a range of themes including the operator experience with integration, life-cycle and upgrades; vIMS including delivery and architectural implications; commercialisation of current service capabilities and innovation and IMS network slicing in the lead up to 5G.

“Our technology offers mobile operators and app providers an opportunity to really innovate how they deliver messaging and other apps to their customers; a chance to address depreciating ARPU and boost user loyalty by offering customers a way of getting something back from the data or screen time they give up to advertisers,” says John. “Mobile advertising budgets are growing every year and operators are in a unique position to benefit from this growth, and in a way that enhances the experience they offer customers as the adverts they receive will be entirely based on individual’s highly personalized and targeted data.”

Customers using Cloudbanter Messages receive fixed banner advertisements at the bottom of their messaging screen which are personalized, unobtrusive, real-time, preferential, contextual, location and lifestyle-based. These adverts can also be used with apps including Internet TV, Customer Care, Money and IoT, helping the mobile operator to monetize these services more effectively and the user to enhance their mobile experience via profile-based adverts and gain rewards back from their operators such as money, airtime and data allowance.

“We are delighted to be supporting IMS World Forum this year and especially at such an important time for mobile operators,” says John. “The Economist Intelligence Unit has warned of a profitability squeeze for mobile operators in 2018 as they attempt to balance the investment required to satisfy demand for 4G and 5G mobile connectivity and cost, with a growing number of competitive threats.

“Not only this but savvy consumers are becoming more aware of the value of their user data and will, undoubtedly, become even more demanding towards their mobile operators when it comes to obtaining user incentives and discounts,” John continues. “Cloudbanter’s technology provides a solution to the predicament in which mobile operators find themselves in, trying to enhance service delivery against a backdrop of falling customer revenues, increased churn rate and depleted loyalty.”

Watch this space for more information on Cloudbanter at IMS World Forum 2018.

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