This year’s theme at the Mobile World Congress 2018Creating a Better Future – resonates deeply with the Cloudbanter team. Why? Because our technology holds the potential to open up the latest mobile innovation to a global audience. How? By effectively monetizing messaging, apps and phones, so that mobile technology can become cheaper for the end user and therefore more ubiquitous.

We believe the democratization of technology is key to creating a better, more connected, more equal, global future for all. Technology in itself is exciting but unless we can find ways to deliver it into the hands of all mobile users around the globe, no matter where they are from, their income or background, it will benefit only the most wealthy and able to afford it. Monetizing key services from mobile operators, apps and phones is the solution to this.

It’s been great to attend this year’s event and there’s been lots to see and do, not to mention the excellent conversations we have had with mobile operators and other providers looking for new technology to monetize and personalize their services. 5G has been the big buzzword of MWC 2018 (although we are unlikely to see it in the immediate future around the world especially in the emerging markets) as well as the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+, concept phones including those with virtually bezel-less displays and some excellent demonstrations of Rich Communication Services (RCS) dominated by Google’s announcements at this year’s event. It’s clear that these innovations and technologies have huge potential when it comes to creating a better future –if they are made accessible to all.

Cloudbanter has been speaking to mobile operators, app providers and OEM/manufacturers looking for ways to monetize and personalize their services. Our technology works in three ways. Firstly, it offers brands and advertisers the chance to tap into previously under-utilized mobile screens such as messaging and other apps by inserting a fixed and unobtrusive banner at the bottom of the screen. Lifestyle adverts, content, offers and promotions can be delivered based on the users profile and preference, and alongside the deep and data-driven knowledge mobile operators have of their customers.

Secondly, this activity allows mobile operators to monetize services and boost average revenue per user (ARPU), something which has presented a major challenge over recent years. It can then offer mobile users rewards and incentives in return for opting into advertising, a chance to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn rate (another area mobile operators have struggled with) while users enjoy rewards like cash back, increased SMS, airtime or data allowances plus other benefits.

And finally, users can realise their data is power, and they should make the most of the airtime they are willing to offer advertisers in the form of rewards and incentives in return for accepting this new wave of advertising content. In a world where the lines between desired content and advertising is well and truly blurred, why wouldn’t you monetize, in whatever form that might be, your precious data and have the added benefit of highly targeted and lifestyle enhancing content from brands you are already interested in.

Creating a better future
It has been great to join the debate around creating a better future this year, not least because we think Cloudbanter can play a key role in delivering this vision. Innovation is vital, but it must include finding new ways of bringing this technology to a wider audience. Let’s hope the discussions and debates had at this year’s Mobile World Congress set the tone for the year ahead – one thing’s for sure, here at Cloudbanter we are ready and committed to the democratization of technology in 2018!

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