Mobile World Congress is just days away! The Cloudbanter team will be there to talk about creating a better future through enhanced monetized messaging, apps and phones. We are launching Cloudbanter Messages user incentive scheme, where users accumulate ongoing usage points which they can redeem for rewards such as cash back, SMS, airtime or data allowances plus others.

Cloudbanter Messages offers mobile operators the opportunity to monetize users and gain revenues, while mobile users can earn rewards from the user incentive points based scheme. Here’s how:

  1. By accepting fixed banner adverts at the bottom of their messaging and other apps, users are able to claim the user incentive rewards. 
  2. Mobile operators have the opportunity to tap into the ever-growing appetite and growth of mobile advertising, regain heavily reduced revenues (increase ARPU) and win back customer loyalty (reduce churn).
  3. Global brands and advertisers can take advantage of previously under-utilised mobile screens and groups of users who have opted-in to targeted advertisements based upon the user profile and preferences.

According to an online poll by Cloudbanter, around 90% of mobile users would accept advertising in return for a financial incentive.

Want to meet up at next week’s event? Click here to book a meeting – we look forward to seeing you there.

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