Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, the world’s biggest event for mobile innovation and cutting-edge technology, is just over a week away. As always, mobile users and the industry as a whole is waiting to see what the big trends will be in 2019. Already the battery brand Energizer has announced the launch of 26 new smartphones, Huawei will be showcasing its new foldable phone, and following from last year’s event where 5G really was the big buzzword, we expect to see the unveiling of multiple 5G-ready devices this year.

It’s the big, headline-grabbing announcements that get the most attention in the run up to MWC – many of which mobile users won’t have the opportunity to buy or use for a long time after the event. Connectivity will be a core theme in 2019, and with greater connectively comes more opportunity for big brands and advertisers to reach consumers on their devices. Users also stand to benefit from this but only if they find ways to take control of their data and use it to their advantage.

What’s clear is that big advertisers and mobile operators should not be given carte blanche to push advertising content to our mobiles – we need to make sure we’re getting something in return for our mobile data. With so much mobile advertising thrown at us every day, mobile users need to be more aware of the huge value our data holds to advertisers as well as its potential to benefit us personally.

Here at Cloudbanter, we think all mobile users should be getting something in return for the data they give up to mobile advertisers – it’s time we all realised its value. Not only this, but we think all adverts that mobiles users receive should be absolutely matched to their profile and preferences, they should be personalized, visually unobtrusive, real-time, preferential, contextual, location and lifestyle based. In other words, we think consumers should get adverts that are highly relevant and exciting, that they have opted in to and that deliver them ongoing rewards such as cashback and SMS, airtime & data allowances and other promotions (again, depending on their preferences).

Using the Cloudbanter AI Messages App, users have a unique opportunity to be rewarded for the adverts on their mobile and other devices. What’s more, all content is personalized and based on profile and preferences, so they are controlled by the user and not what advertisers want them to see. You receive a rotating, fixed banner advert at the bottom of your phone screen – no pop-ups or obstructive images which reduce your app’s usability. Each time you use the app you accumulate ongoing user points. Once you have enough points, you are able to trade them in for rewards – the perfect way to monetize your data.

Want to make your data start working for you. As we wait to see what new handsets and technologies will be unveiled at MWC 2019, we also need to think about what opportunities we have to enhance the user experience right now! Adtech which rewards users and monetizes the space they give up to adverts when using their mobile must be a priority in 2019.

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