In our latest Cloudbanter Messages app survey, we asked users around the world for their views on the app, what they liked about it, what they would improve on and how easy it is to use. Here is what they told us.

We are pleased to say, the app scored highly in a number of key areas including installation and registration, its user incentives as part of the ‘My Rewards’ ongoing user incentive points scheme and the messaging functionality and features. In all areas, users gave the Cloudbanter Messages app a resounding four plus star rating (out of five), with positive comments from individuals around the quality and lifestyle value of the adverts & content and the ease of use. Asked about improvements our users would like to see, 35% said they would be interested to receive a greater range of incentives and mobile payments, both of which are currently being added to the app. More personalized adverts, content, offers and promotions was the least cited area of improvement at just 15%; testimony to the high-quality and superior targeting capabilities of Cloudbanter’s unique technology.

Commenting on this latest user feedback, Graham Williams, CEO, Cloudbanter says: “Customer feedback is a vital part of the innovation process for us so it’s great to understand what features of the app users are enjoying, and which we can build upon. We know that our users benefit from monetizing their data via the ‘My Rewards’ scheme where they can accumulate points every time they use the app and then redeem the points for rewards.

“Users are also interested in seeing new features. We will undoubtedly see a growing range of incentives and engaging lifestyle adverts & content delivered by advertisers and brands on Cloudbanter Messages as this model of monetized and personalized mobile messaging, apps and phones continues to gain precedence with mobile users globally,” Graham continues.

In light of recent high-profile data breaches, mobile users are more aware of the value of their data than ever before. Cloudbanter offers an opportunity for individuals to get something back from their data, as well as having more control over the types of adverts & content they receive as users set their own profile and preferences. Also, Cloudbanter is an opt-in service for data protection and GDPR regulations plus uses encryption and anonymizes the user data for analytics purposes to protect the user.

Thanks to all our valued users who let us know about their experience of using Cloudbanter Messages. As our user base continues to grow, Cloudbanter is set to become the default technology for monetized and personalized mobile messaging, apps and phones.

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